quinta-feira, maio 25, 2017

News About Sonny Vincent

This is heartbreaking my friends.
Here are pictures of Cayden's left hand. This is what the last surgery accomplished. The news from the Surgeon that the growth plates have permanently closed on this hand is hard to come to terms with. I don't know why this could not have been prevented. I just now spent 3 hours doing OC range of motion stretching on Cayden's right hand. I can't let his right hand follow the course of the left. I have to make sure they are able to do the surgeries on time. Medicade has ruined Caydens hands by not approving surgeries on time. I am still modifying the CPM I bought and will use it right away on his left hand when it heals, at least the hand will have some functioning.
Sarah is in the hospital, I had to send my daughter Michelle there. Sarah's legs are all infected and they can't seem to stop her legs from going in a negative direction.
Rob is having trouble with his fingers and body.
I would post photos that Michelle just sent me of Sarah's legs but the photos are very gruesome, so I don't post them.
I don't understand why she is still in the hospital. She keeps getting worse. We need a miracle. Why are Cayden's hands in such rough condition?

We are so incredibly sad and stressed. I don't have a direct phone contact to the Doctors, they don't do that. But when Michelle sends me photos that show Sarah needs immediate attention I call and call the hospital, only to find out I must wait until tomorrow when they call me.
It feels like regardless of my work, focus and devotion they fall through the cracks of the health care system.
I'm going to work on Cayden's right hand. Lately it's all he does, homework to keep caught up with his class, hand therapy, I massage his face graft and leg grafts. At the moment I feel very small, sad and helpless. It's all such a mess. Please know that I really Love you my friends. Without you there is no support. Not emotionally, spiritually, financially. The hospital environment, healthcare system leave me feeling cold. That said there are many heartfull people in that system and I know the Doctors and staff are dedicated to doing all they can to help Cayden, Sarah and Rob recover but it often feels like separate 'teams'.
They are already whispering about discharging Sarah again. This is ludicrous. I don't write this to criticize or undermine the efforts of the Medical staff, Doctors and Surgeons. I write to let you know how important you are to us right now. The feeling here is like a desperate panic and the kindness of you my friends is something we cling to
Sorry if this post has typos or stupid auto correct stuff but I needed to share this with you and get back to working on Cayden's hand. Love Sonny

«Meanwhile, due to the effort of some musicians such as Mike Hudson  from the Pagans and Marion Cobretti from the Clockwork Boys an Lp benefit  is on the works to help to raise funds to help Sonny´s family, this LP will includes some true punk legends such as Pagans , Adolescents, Sonny Vincent, Marion Cobretti, Clockwork Boys, Ron Reyes from Black Flag , Richie Duguay from guns and roses, so on ).»
Rock das Cadeias: maio 2017
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