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Dawnrider Alive!!!

Reportagem da 2 com o professor Xico

We are The Damned - Official Videoclip

Trash To The Bone !!!

terça-feira, janeiro 25, 2011

Tomem lá disto!!!

Don´t take it easy grandma...

Punk Rock da facada da França!!!

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Oh YEAH !!!

Detroit Rock N´ Roll !!!

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É Mas Foice...

Punk Rock Made In Alentejo:

Avô Varejeira !!!

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Long Live Alice Cooper !!!

This is what i call the good portuguese Punk Rock N´Roll !!!

Today we got The Brats:

Brats was a punk band from Copenhagen formed in May 1978 by vocalist Franz De Zaster (Michael Gorm; ex-Support), bass player Mickey Rat (Michael Hillerup; later to appear in Pin Ups and In A Sense), guitarist Hank De Wank (Rene Krolmark) and drummer Eddie Haircut (Milan Balsgaard) (ex-Elektrochok, Support, Monomania and Rimshots). In its original form Brats was a functional part of the early Copenhagen punk milieu as a central band and appeared on the Sampler LP Paere Punk (Kong Paere KPLP 1) with 3 songs. The band more or less went into dissolvement during 1979 but was formed in a new heavy rock formation by Hank and the three new members; bassist Yenz (Jens Arnsted), guitarist Denner (Michael Denner; both formerly with Jezebel) and drummer Monroe (Lars Nybo; formerly with Suck, an early incarnation of Sods, which was a very influential Copenhagen punk band which later became Sort Sol (Danish for Black Sun)). The new Brats came right into the waves left after the heavy rock renaissance in the USA and England, and in 1980 they signed a contract with CBS who first released B-Brains (CBS PRO 102) with the band as a free single included in a CBS sampler LP with well known foreign artists. Later the LP 1980 (CBS 84327) was released. It was, contrary to all expectations, no seller in Denmark, although it made some good sales numbers in France. CBS cancelled the contract, and Brats were shortly dissolved, and split into the bands Geisha and Mercyful Fate.
Eddie Haircut lived in London for a couple of years where he was member of a number of bands, including rockabilly band Rimshots. Eddie Haircut has since returned to Denmark, where he's still active in the music business. Among other things he has worked as a DJ for the local radio station Sokkelund Radio. Franz De Zaster appeared on the sampler live LP Concert Of The Moment (Irmgardz IRMG 2) with the band Support, who has only appeared live at this occasion and who only played Brats' old songs and cover versions. The group consisted of, among others, drummer Eddie Haircut and guitarist Peter (Peter) Schneidermann (later Peter Peter of Sort Sol; ex-Sods, Monomania, Tina Talks, Martin And The Martians, Tapehead).

More About The Brats:

Brats was an important band that led to creation of Mercyful Fate, formed in 1977 as a punk band (Hank Shermann was in the original line-up). They had three songs featured on the semi-famous Püre Punk compilation LP : "Dreams", "I do what I wanna do", "Magazine" (which later appeared on the 1980 album as "Zombie People" with new and improved lyrics) The group more or less broke up in 1979, but Hank reformed Brats later that year in a heavier outfit, featuring Yenz, Monroe, and a bit later Michael Denner. After the release of the first album in 1980, Denner left (replaced by Carsten Van der Volsing), and King Diamond (from Black Rose) was recruited as new vocalist. The next LP failed commercially and in 1981 the record company CBS told the band that their next LP had to be more commercial rock and with Danish lyrics. Shermann and Diamond refused, leading to the end of Brats relationship with CBS, while Yenz and Monroe left and continued for a little while with The New Brats. The remaining members Hank Shermann, King Diamond and Carsten Van Der Volsing recorded a new demo in March, changing the bandname into Mercyful Fate since the music was much heavier than anything Brats had ever done. One month later King and Shermann helped out Michael Denner on his new project Danger Zone (Dnk). As a result, Danger Zone (Dnk) and Mercyful Fate fused in a brand new line-up. The "real" Mercyful Fate was born. Lars "Monroe" Nybo's former band Suck was an early incarnation of the punk band Sods which later became Sort Sol.

All members: =Yenz (Jens Arnsted) - vocals= =Hank Shermann a.k.a. Hank De Wank (Rene Krolmark) - Guitars= =Michael Denner - Guitars, Vocals= =Carsten Van Der Volsing - Guitars= =Monroe (Lars Nybo) - Drums, Synth Drums, Piano= =King Diamond (Kim Bendix Petersen) - Vocals= =Franz De Zaster (Michael Gorm) - Vocals= =Mickey Rat (Michael Hillerup) - Bass= =Eddie Haircut (Milan Balsgaard) - Drums=

I leave with an absolute must album for download,you should listen and listen again to this, the louder you can ...

Here´s the link to download the 1980´s Album:

If you don´t like this heavy weight rock n´rollers, then I must call you pussies..

domingo, janeiro 02, 2011

A primeira banda punk rock portuguesa!!! sras e srs. Faíscas!!!

Rock das Cadeias: janeiro 2011
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