domingo, dezembro 27, 2015

Viver à Margem -Marion Cobretti 7" (First Review)

«Marion Cobretti - "Viver à margem" 7" inch single transparent vinyl

Well , if Cobra (sly stone character's classic 80's flick) Marion Cobretti speaks out for the untamed,unruly punk rock'n'rollers.
A five member piece band came together to record this unique masterpiece of junk punk that will justice to the Marion Cobretti's daily life. Fueled by Dead Boys, Pagans and some early U.S 80's hardcore bands.
Make no mistake-this is no poseur punk crap ! It is the real shit, Snotty and Raw ! 
He is here to put Portugal back on the damn map and with a vengeance, straight from the hood and true as how all shit should be !
Get it or you just don't get it ! Get it ?!!!
The A side shoots with- viver à margem ( livin' the margin side) , is a shoutout anthem for outlaws with kick ass chorus and a piano properly used as in classic aussie punk rock bands, and the song as a special guest, Marion Cobretti´s cousin, João Velez aka Mãozinhas (first clockwork boys drummer) on second voices choruses.
The B side has the song "Rouba Também", another one with a piano and also police sirens(!!!) during the song that translated to english means "Steal Too" , it says in the begin «if you are robbed in nobody´s name, you better rob too». What can i say..holy fuckin'fuck..the choruses goes "77 punk rock.." and even Mike Hudson from Pagans himself gave in to this piece, which in my opinion is what the earliest Portuguese punk bands oughta sound like, Straight forward punk rock shit from shattered heart and soul ! A must ?! Well you can always wank to shitty punk records and wonder how it would feel.

Review done by Pedro Pardal author of the portuguese Radio Show «In the Raw" »

Buy it or die !!!
Rock das Cadeias: Viver à Margem -Marion Cobretti 7" (First Review)
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