terça-feira, julho 10, 2007

DAWNRIDER was born in Lisbon in the spring of 2004 by three Heavy Metal hippies. The next year they took the underground by storm when they made their first live appearance in July 2005, to promote their debut Split EP with Maryland´s War Injun out on Blood and Iron Records (also based in Lisbon). Dawnrider frontman F.J. Dias and J. Barrelas teams up with H. Conim and quickly add the rhythm section made up of Samuel Rebelo on bass and Victor "Silver" on drums. All these members have contributed in the past in several underground bands from Portugal some with lesser importance, others with bigger impact. Praises have been coming from such influent masters as John Garner (Sir Lord Baltimore), Dick Wagner (Frost, Ursa Major, Alice Cooper) and Clive Jones (Black Widow, Agony Bag). On June 2007, right before their debut album comes out, bassplayer Samuel quits the band and joins in Carlos "Sven" who was previously in The No-Counts and Brainwashed by Amalia. A new band journey takes place. Embracing a whole culture of 70s Psychedelic Hard Rock and old-school Doom Metal making it sound fresh and modern, Dawnrider is here to stay, bringing a positive message, brought by an imaginary freedom warrior riding unknown roads, battling against evil spirits and destroying oppressive human condition. "Dawnrider really rips, I'm pleasantly surprized to hear stuff that sounds A1. F.J. has a very expressive & perfect voice for the doom thing, The recording is also A1, the arrangements are very interesting, cause most of the time I hear these bands they never go anywhere with chord changes as well as tempo changes, but Dawnrider does, I felt like I was at a concert & the band were ripping, what a treat. Great sound!" - John Garner (Sir Lord baltimore) DEBUT ALBUM COMING October 2007.



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