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Pagans em 1978 em Detroit (US Punk)

The Pagans were an early American punk rock band from Cleveland, Ohio, that was originally active from 1977 to 1979, before briefly reforming in 1982 and disbanding the following year. 
Along with fellow Cleveland band The Dead Boys, the Pagans were part of the first wave of American punk rock music, and were also part of the second wave of Cleveland proto-punk and post-punk bands such as Pere Ubu.

Known for their single "Street Where Nobody Lives" and dynamic live performances, the Pagans proved to be an influential band that was overlooked during their two tenures. Since then, reappraisals of second-wave punk groups have seen them win acclaim from critics.Drummer Brian Hudson died in 1991.
In 1986 an Lp compilation of their recordings, "Buried Alive", was issued by Treehouse records. In 1994 a CD compilation, Everybody Hates You, was issued by Crypt Records.
Singer Mike Hudson, later a journalist and editor-in-chief of the Niagara Falls Reporter newspaper, chronicled the band's history in his autobiographical book Diary of a Punk.


Mike Hudson, 2011

Original lineup (1977—1979)
  • Mike Hudson - Vocals
  • Brian Hudson - Drums
  • Mike "Tommy Gunn" Metoff - Guitar
  • Tim Allee - Bass

Second lineup (1982—1983)
  • Mike Hudson - Vocals, Guitar
  • Bob Richey - Drums
  • Mike "Tommy Gunn" Metoff - Lead Guitar
  • Robert Conn - Bass
  • Chas Smith - Keyboards

Current lineup (2014-present)
  • Mike Hudson - Vocals
  • Loren Molinare - Guitar
  • Mike D'Amico - Bass
  • Tony Matteucci - Drums
  • Ben Reagan - Guitar

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