sexta-feira, agosto 10, 2012

D Generation !!!

The original line-up for D Generation consisted of vocalist Jesse Malin (who had previously played with New York band Heart Attack during the late 1980s), guitarists Danny Sage (also an ex-Heart Attack member) and Richard Bacchus, John Carco on bass, Howie Pyro on guitar, and drummer Michael Wildwood (Danny Sage's brother). The band had not yet been named, although much of the material would later be performed and recorded by D Generation. The line up did not last. After bassist John Carco quit (later to join forces with Dee Dee Ramone), Malin and Pyro (who had switched to bass) continued to play, naming the band, and Sage and Wildwood left briefly to finish up their previous projects and were replaced for a brief time by Georgie Seville and Belvy K respectively. Sage and Wildwood soon returned, and this is the line-up D Generation is best known for.
Rock das Cadeias: D Generation !!!
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